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Chiropractor Melbourne in Port Melbourne


Chiropractor Melbourne, Dr. Jim


"We focus on the relationship between your symptoms and their cause as an integral step in the process of treating health problems and the optimum performance of your body and quality of life.”

Dr. Jim Skivalidas

Chiropractor Melbourne, Dr. Jim, is committed to providing safe, effective and ethical chiropractic care for our clients.


To ensure that patients receive the highest quality of care, Chiropractor Melbourne, Dr. Jim may refer for X-rays.


For patient convenience, EFTPOS facilities are available at our Chiropractor Melbourne, Port Melbourne clinic.

Chiropractor Melbourne, Dr. Jim

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Chiropractor Melbourne, may help manage health issues such as:


   Spinal pain (upper and lower back, neck etc.)

   Headaches and migraines

   Joint injuries (from sport, work or home)

   Children’s health

   Pregnancy issues

   Organ dysfunction (asthma, constipation, reflux etc.).

Chiropractor Melbourne, Dr. Jim explains


"Chiropractic is a highly professional, effective and natural approach to restoring one’s quality of life – since the inception of the chiropractic profession in 1895, literally millions of people have benefitted from chiropractic care."

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Chiropractor Melbourne, Dr. Jim takes appointments to see patients in his Port Melbourne location.



You can call chiropractor melbourne, directly or send an email from our website to make an appointment.

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